Design Builder

We are an experienced and proven provider of new construction for industrial, commercial, retail and publicly funded projects. We are one of the major players in the Chicago Area. As a construction industry contractor with experience in complete office build-outs, renovations, additions, new ground up facilities as well as all work necessary for permits and inspections.

Forensic Real-estate Survey

G. Fisher Commercial Construction, Inc. provides the Commercial, Retail and Industrial Real-estate industries experience, commitment and proven results your project needs to help see it through completion. Fisher is a multi-disciplined Design/Build, Construction Management and consulting firm. We provide the innovative solutions for the proactive and forensic support you need to deliver your project on time and within budget.

Construction Consulting

Having advised clients on almost $130 Million in construction, Fisher Commercial Construction Company, Inc.’s engineering and construction consultants have extensive, hands-on experience supporting a multitude of projects nationwide. Construction consulting areas of expertise include:

Construction Consulting Services
Project Planning
Project Due Diligence
Quantification of Damages
Defect Evaluation & Analysis
Construction Training

Serving a wide range of industries and construction projects, we blend diverse expertise with keen foresight to facilitate projects and mitigate construction risk. Whether you’re an owner, contractor, attorney, surety or other construction professional, we can assist you in achieving project success, from the ground up.

Project Due Diligence

Identification of existing site conditions
Performing existing construction review to assess potential risks caused by building deterioration.  G.Fisher Commercial Construction, Inc. Will assist with the identification  and analysis of these risks and provide recommendations on how the mitigate them.  Fisher Commercial Construction Company, Inc.’s extensive experience in the high volume industrial, commercial, education, government, health care and hospitality arenas will provide a broad perspective you can use to meet your specific requirements.  Fisher Commercial Construction Company, Inc.’s experts can supplement your team by providing:

    • Structural performance
    • Roof longevity
    • Design integrity
    • Site soil boring and analysis for new construction
Mergers & Acquisition Due Diligence

A large merger or acquisition of corporate interests can demand a high intensity, fast-paced, expert team of environmental professionals who understand the “big picture” issues and total project commitment that are necessary to provide decision makers with information required for the deal. Sugar manufacturers, REITs, utilities, and M&A attorneys have retained G. Fisher Commercial Construction, perform their M&A environmental due diligence.

G. Fisher Commercial Construction, Inc. Can quickly mobilize a customized team of experts who are experienced in fast-paced due diligence projects. Team make-up is designed to meet our client’s needs and can include senior-level experts in:

–  Air quality
– Environmental contamination and remediation
– Asbestos and hazardous building materials
– Structural condition
– Facility decontamination
– Wastewater
– Mold
– Wetlands
– Industrial hygiene and OSHA-compliance
– Regulatory compliance

Phase I & II Environmental

Phase 1 and Phase II Environmental services including all remediation work with sampling and analysis assessments simultaneously at multiple facilities to shorten any due diligence schedule.

For every due diligence project, we strive to understand our clients’ concerns and risk tolerances. One key to client satisfaction is our understanding of regulatory trends and pending changes that can dramatically affect future compliance costs and asset value. We consider these effects and also consult with our clients to identify “deal breaking” issues as early in the process as possible. We provide our clients with critical information in the formats and to the level of detail requested. G. Fisher Commercial Construction, Inc. understands the confidential and sensitive nature of many due diligence projects, and our experts are experienced in tailoring a scope of work and reporting formats to satisfy such concerns.

Architectural & Engineering Services

Architecture is the frontline of responsibility for design and construction.  G. Fisher Commercial Construction, Inc. is at the forefront of pre-construction consultation as well as value engineering and quality assurance during the initial programming and design.  The pre-design work assures the most economical path accompanied by reduced construction costs for the projects construction duration.  Our stable of qualified Architects & Engineers have worked with us on all projects, small and large.  Our expertise in these areas include:

  • Pre-design Consulting
  • Specification Review
  • Product and Material research
  • Construction Procedure Consulting
  • On-site construction quality assurance and inspection
  • Unforeseen conditions consultation